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Bruce Harder, POW/MIA Coordinator

In Memoriam... Martin J. O'Brien, LR12697... June 28, 2006

The KWVA is actively involved in helping resolve the fate of our Korea POWs and MIAs. Much information continues to "surface" due to the efforts of many of our comrades. We will post links here to helpful web sites as well as a limited amount of special announcements from time to time.

Due to the abundance of releases and input from a wide range of individuals, government agencies and organizations, all information submitted to the webmaster for posting may not be published due to space limitations and other factors. All material submitted is subject to editorial review. This page will carry no political messages.

JimD, KWVA Webmaster

Note: Please click this link for a summary listing of 2014 "Missing Finds" as provided for the website by The Graybeards editor Art Sharp. Posted 1/23/2015

[Webmaster Note: One of the most informative, as well as complete listings of Korea missing is the U.S. DPAA (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency) website... links immediately below.]

VA - Former POW Information:

  • VA has benefits and health care programs for former POWs and their dependents
  • VA's benefits for former POWs have expanded in recent years, including new entitlement rules for disability compensation, special eligibility for VA health care and greater access to medication and dental services. Many former POWs may not be aware of the benefits for which they are eligible even if they are currently receiving compensation
  • If you are a former POW not receiving VA benefits or health care, now is the time to apply for benefits and enroll in the VA health care system
  • Each VA Regional Benefits Office and VA Medical Center has a former POW coordinator on staff. VA medical centers have former POW clinical treatment teams
  • Former POWs not receiving VA benefits should contact VA at 1-800-827-1000

POW/MIA Memorials: