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Bylaws: Proposed Changes to the 2000 Bylaws

Approved by Executive Council at the July 26, 2005, Arlington, VA Executive Council Meeting

Note:  These changes were Ratified by the Membership October 5, 2005, at the Annual Meeting

The following proposed changes to the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. 2000 Bylaws are presented to give the membership the opportunity to review those proposed bylaw changes approved by the Executive Council at its meeting on 15th of March in Reno, NV.
There were necessary changes made at the July 26th meeting and are included with the original changes approved in March so the Membership may see all the changes once again.

The membership will be asked to ratify the proposed changes at the Annual Association Membership Meeting now scheduled on October 5, 2005, in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Included with the approved proposed Bylaw changes is a one-page explanation on some of the changes to help in understanding why they were made. Both the explanation sheet and the bylaw changes are included in the following documents.

The KWVA Bylaws Committee