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Korea Veterans - The Graybeards Magazine On-Line!

(Korea Veterans-The Graybeards Magazine
is the OFFICIAL publication of the Korean War Veterans Association)

PDF file copies of Korea Veterans-The Graybeards direct from Finisterre Publishing are online going back to Jan/Feb 1999. These are large files of approx. 5 to 10 MEGS and have been "optimized for fast Web viewing", meaning that only the page you are currently viewing will be loaded to speed up the display.  If you do not have the FREE PDF Reader required to view these files, please refer to the bottom of this page for more information and a download link.

Copies prior to 1999 were manually scanned and file sizes are very large, in the 30-50 MEG range.  Thanks to the help of several members, we have been able to get almost every issue all the way back to GRAYBEARDS NUMBER ONE!!!!  Check it out at the bottom of the list below.

I think we have all of the Graybeards issues... BUT, based on the numbering, we might possibly be missing two issues:

  • Apr 1986 (Vol 1 No 2)
  • Jan 1987 (Vol 2 No 1)

If you should notice any other missing issues, please let me know... especially if you have a copy of one that is missing.

(Posted 12/18/10 - Jim Doppelhammer
[Please enable javascript.] - 217-345-4414)

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*Note: Vol or Number change, reason(s) unknown.