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The KWVA National Membership Office hours have changed to noon-4pm CST.

Membership Contacts

Contact our membership office regarding any of the following topics:

  • Didn't Get your Graybeards?
  • Change of Address
  • "Snowbird" Fall and Spring move dates/address changes
  • Phone Number Change/Update
  • Email Address Changes/Additions
  • Death Notices (including date of death)
  • Make a Donation to KWVA
  • Make a Donation to The Graybeards
  • Make a Donation "In-Memory-Of" to the KWVA or Graybeards
  • New Member Applications
  • Dues Renewal Payments by Credit Card


(843) 379-3993 (Office Hours 9am-3:30pm Central Mon-Fri)


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"Snail" Mail

KWVA Headquarters
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