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Revisit Korea Tours

Warren Wiedhahn, Revisit Committee Coordinator [Please enable javascript.]

Revisit Korea Program Application (PDF File - Revised January, 2016)

PRESS RELEASE... May 30, 2019—Veterans of the Korean War Eligible for Revisit Korea Program.

In 1975, on the 25th the anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) government began the Revisit Korea Program as a means of expressing its appreciation to all United Nations veterans of the Korean War and their family members.  Each year since then (this year being the 44th anniversary of the program), the ROK government appropriates funds for this special program, and the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) in Seoul administers it.  Korean War veterans selected for the Revisit Korea Program are required to make their own airline reservations (assisted by the staff of Military Historical Tours) and pay the airlines.  While in South Korea, veterans are reimbursed for 50% of the airfare.  Any companion making the trip with the veteran is reimbursed for 30% of the airfare.  The remainder of the trip is fully covered by the MPVA, including all ground transportation within Korea, lodging, and meals.

It should be noted that the eligibility criteria for the Revisit Korea Program now includes family members of Korean War veterans.  If the veteran is deceased or unable to travel, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, aunts, or uncles are encouraged to make the trip on behalf of the Korean War veteran. They will receive the Ambassador for Peace Medal and certificate in the veteran’s name.  Those individuals are also eligible to join the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA).  According to the MPVA, those who served during the war (1950-1953) still have priority when registering for the program. 

*Note: 2020 will be the last year for the Korea Revisit Program for combat veterans who served in Korea during the war.

Here are the dates for the Revisit Korea Program trips in 2019:

  • July 22-28:  Depart for Korea on July 22nd and arrive at Inchon International Airport (ICN) on the 23rd.  Return to the U.S. on July 28th.  If taking the MHT Pre-Tour, you will depart for Korea on July 19th.
  • September 25-October 1: Depart for Korea on September 25th and arrive at ICN on the 26th.  Return to the U.S. on October 1st.  If taking the MHT Pre-Tour, you will depart for Korea of September 22nd.
  • October 20-26: Depart for Korea on October 20th and arrive at ICN on the 21st.  Return to the U.S. on the 26th.  If taking the MHT Pre-Tour, depart for Korean on October 17th.
  • November 8-14: Depart for Korea on November 8th and arrive at ICN on the 9th.  Return to the U.S. on the 14th.  If taking the MHT Pre-Tour, depart for Korea on November 5th.

Please contact Military Historical Tours at the below-listed phone number or email address if you desire more detailed information regarding the Revisit Korea Program.

For more than 30 years, Military Historical Tours, the oldest American Veteran-owned and operated battlefield tour company, has pursued a vision of providing opportunities to visit battlefields and offer various perspectives of America’s past conflicts.  MHT is proud to assist America’s veterans, historians, educators, students, and others interested in walking the ground of history’s greatest battles.  MHT places you “where history comes alive.”

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You can read a history of the KWVA Revisit Korea Tours by clicking here (PDF File).

Announcing the 2017 Peace Camp For Youth 23–30 June 2017

With the 65th Anniversaries of the Korea War commemorations continuing this year, the Republic of Korea (ROK) government has made the decisions to once again commemorate not only the veterans from all the United Nation Countries and their contributions to saving their country from Communism, but to welcome all the veteran’s grandchildren to Korea on a very special program in June. Called the "Peace Camps for Youth" (PCFY), this program was a huge success in the past and we have quotas to continue the program this year.

General information & requirements:

  • Participant must be a Grandchild or Great-grandchild of a Korean War Veteran in a college program.
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old (waivers for 17 year-old high school graduates.)
  • Grade Point Average of 2.5 required.
  • Be in "relatively" good health since some physical hiking/walking is involved.
  • Have a current passport.
  • There are thirty (30) quotas and it will be first come, first served. The group will have a tour escort.
  • All expenses for the grandchild while in Korea, will be paid for by the ROK government (Double occupancy.) Each participant will receive subsidized air to Korea. (The ROK Government will pay a 50% portion of both the domestic & international roundtrip airfare.)
  • A service charge of just $250 is required for administrative handling, U.S. tour escort, ticketing, health and disability insurance (required by the ROK government.)

All programs are conducted in English.

Click here (PDF File) for an informational brochure and application.

Sincere and fraternal regards,

Warren Wiedhahn
Korea, 1950
Revisit Korea Coordinator

13198 Centerpointe Way, Suite 202
Woodbridge VA 22193-5285 USA
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